Yoga With GOATS?? Eric Bellinger Shares A Unique Experience with His Fans

The Singer Invites A Select Group of Fans to Try The Newest Yoga Trend

It's one thing to sing about yoga (which R&B King Eric Bellinger did on his recent release Meditation Music) but really committing to the lifestyle means having an open mind... Bellinger's fans embraced this openness last week as they joined the Grammy award-winning artist for hot yoga at L.A.'s CorePower Yoga, and for an outdoor class with some actual goat classmates last Saturday.

Eric Bellinger has been keeping his creative energies flowing, and there’s no doubt his yoga practice is helping him be so productive. With new music dropping from the singer all the time (most recently with assistance from Compton rapper AD for their upcoming collab album), we now know the secret to his success like never before!

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Muhammad Davidson
Muhammad Davidson

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