WWE Wants to Stop Travis Scott From Trademarking the Name "Cactus Jack

The name was used by wrestler Mick Foley first.

Before Travis Scott launched his own label in 2017 called Cactus Jack Records and used Cactus Jack as one of his nicknames, professional wrestler Mick Foley was the first entertainer to adopt the moniker. Although the wrestler has officially retired from the WWE in 2012, the company is allegedly trying to stop Scott’s attempt to trademark the name.

According to Wrestling News, Foley used the name as a tribute to his father Jack. Similarly, DJ Premier revealed that Travis Scott’s father, also named Jack, was the inspiration behind Cactus Jack as well. WWE no longer has an active Cactus Jack trademark, according to PWInsider. The company abandoned the moniker in 2010, two years before Foley retired. Since the company had rights over the name for such a long time, however, there is a good chance WWE is able to block Scott’s trademark registration.

The name Cactus Jack, nonetheless, was created before Foley’s wrestling debut. The name was the name of Kirk Douglas’ character in the 1979 film The Villain and it was also the nickname of U.S. Vice President John Nance Garner.



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