2018 Predictions...

Predictions of the year 2018....

What's your predictions for Hip Hop in the '18.

Who will have the "biggest" year?

Who will have the best album?

Who will have beef?

Advertisers and new partners for the new IC will be pissed that traffic has sharply fallen due to this lame new setup that makes 0 sense.

Everyone will beef with Tekashi69 and he will be a social media star because of it.

Joyner Lucas will have the album of the year.

Drake is gonna completely fall off on music, but start doing other shit outside of music like acting.

Kanye West will also be in the running for album of the year.

Lupe and Nas wont drop this year.

Cardi B will be the new queen of hip hop.

G-Eazy will be the white savior.

Post Malone gonna keep making hits no matter if you hate him or not.

21 Savage will have the hottest mixtape of the year.


The Maven will have an all time new high level for traffic, with a whopping 3 new threads made in a single day! 300% of the current average

'Ye will drop a surprisingly good album...not sure if it will be the hottest or nah, but def better than Yeezus, and prolly better than Pablo.

This site will still be ass cheeks dec 31 2018

I predict this site will be a ghost town unless they bring back the old messageboard.

Drake will be the only big artist to drop something.

Suge Knight will get cigar deal
Nikki Minaj’s ass cheek will fall off
E40 and Jigga collab