Same Content, Same Owners - New Tech Platform

AllHipHop Staff

If you have been rocking with for any period of time, you'll notice we've launched an entirely new tech platform.

(AllHipHop Statement) If you have been rocking with for any period of time, you'll notice we've launched an entirely new tech platform. This is no ordinary relaunch, as we have entered into an exclusive deal with Maven.

We have partnered with Maven, a company based out of Seattle, to manage our entire digital media platform.

Maven is a publicly traded company (MVEN) founded by former senior executives and engineers from Yahoo!, MSFT, Google and other major media and technology companies.

As part of our partnership, they're providing us with an end-to-end distribution, video, technology and advertising platform (think Wordpress on steroids), while we can focus all of our resources on producing more content, and showcasing our 20-year-old community.

While Maven is providing platform services for AllHipHop, rest assured, continues to be 100%, privately owned by Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur and Grouchy Greg Watkins and we remain 100% in control of all content and editorial - again, this is simply a platform relationship.

Our new site offers significant improvements in functionality and a variety of advanced features for fans - some of them visible now and much more in the works - as well as a more stable and mobile-friendly experience.

Some of the new features to look for are:

* Easy to register via email, Facebook or Google account – just click “Follow”

* Ability to embed links to just about anything – images, videos, twitter, Soundcloud, stories from other sites, etc. - just as easily as Facebook.

* Sort stories by most popular, newest, or latest reply – just click Options at upper right

* Get notified about new stories from any of our new rooms (News, Rumors, Music, Etc) or the whole site – just click Options then “Turn on notifications”

* Easy to “like”, share, follow, or flag posts as spam or abuse – just click the 3 dots at upper right of a post or story

* Built-in video technology which will make it easier for us to deliver video, and eventually let you upload your own!

* They are also offering us unlimited capacity, hosting the site across dozens of servers on Amazon Web Services, which means we now have the ability to bring you decades of our exclusive videos and audio interviews that have been in our vault for years!

* Native apps for both iOS and Android on the way

We always dreamed of these kinds of resources but until Maven came along, other alternatives would either be too expensive, cost us control of our company or our content and ad inventory to one of these ad networks, which mostly specialize in jerking publishers.

Maven doesn't and will never do content and we are working with the company’s engineers to build a next generation website.

We appreciate your patience and look forward to bringing you for many more years to come!

Thank you for visiting us and we truly appreciate your support and every visitor.

Grouchy Greg Watkins and Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur Founders