Eric Bellinger and AD Might Steal Your Girl IN A TACO TRUCK

The Grammy winner is adopting new persona "Poncho Belly" for his concept album with Compton's AD

What could two sexy women possibly love more than being serenaded by Eric Bellinger? TACOS. In the new video for "Pullin Up," Poncho Belly (aka Bellinger) makes a play for the attention of two bad ones in a creative foreign cars, just a taco truck! As two gorgeous women pull up to order, R&B royalty Bellinger and rising star AD (aka Dizzle) flex bars about the fine physiques they're spotting, and before long it's a party inside the truck!

On this first release from their collab album NINE set to arrive October 30th, Bellinger and AD joined forces to bring game like no other, and the lyrics from "Pullin Up" pull no punches:

Look at all them curves on her / Look at them curves on her / Look at how she swerve the curve

I ain’t nothing like these other n***s / Good with digits like your tax man / Hit it til you need a CAT scan / Ninja moves, make you do back flips.

Peep the fun-loving visual above and stay tuned for the NINE album drop October 30th. Oh, and follow Poncho Belly for updates...


Jay (@JayChillinBro)
Jay (@JayChillinBro)