Finding Balance Between Sports And School – Experts Share Their Advice


Heading to campus or college for the first time comes with so much pressure. This primer sheds light on balancing tips.

Heading to campus or college for the first time comes with so much pressure. As if that isn’t enough pressure, some learners also anticipate playing a sport. The NCCA opines that roughly 480,000 of the almost 8 million graduates from high school proceed to compete in college/campus.

Safe to say that making it to a college or campus athletic team is always an achievement. The good news that as a student-athlete, your chances of graduating are higher compared to your peers. Nevertheless, for you to make it the graduation list, you must be able to balance your favorite sport and academics. It’s prudent that you find ample time to study.

Time management is highly crucial to your success. You have to juggle hours of travel, games, and practice in addition to your academic responsibilities.

For you to manage a sophisticated and stressful schedule, here are handy tips to help you balance your sports and school:

Always Maintain Your Eyes On The Prize

Whether you desire to go pro or not, academics need to be your number one priority in campus/college. Even if your main goal is to be a professional athlete, it’s unfortunate that life can change all your plans faster than you anticipated.

Most college athletes do not have plans to play after college. A good number of them proceed to become scientists, lawyers, doctors or whatever it is they studied about in college. Seek the opinion of your advisor just to make sure that your graduates aren’t taking a hit due to lack of concentration in class.

Study Wisely

The last thing you want to do is exhaust yourself by spending all the time you have either at practice or in class. If you study smartly and seek advanced help from the right sources, you’ll definitely perform better both in class and at your sport.

Spending time wisely helps you to successfully balance social events, athletics, and academics.

While in college or even outside, you can locate a study spot that’s free from distractions. For those that require additional support, you can study with teammates, friends, or classmates. It’s important to encourage one another to remain focused. In doing so, you’ll be able to study efficiently.

Of great importance to note is that the more efficient your habits of studying are, the less time you will spend sitting in the library. Eventually, you’ll have more time to de-stress and relax thus handling the things you love.

Never Be Afraid To Seek For Help

Many students make the mistake of being afraid to seek for help whenever they are grappling with an issue. Remember that your coaches are always there to offer support. Anytime you feel overwhelmed with homework, projects, or even exams, it’s wise to talk to your coach. They always understand that academics are your maiden priority. Therefore, when you have exams coming up, it’s okay to miss a couple trainings to study.

You might surprised how much your professors are accommodating when it comes to your school schedule, especially when you talk to them in advance. If you need help, never be afraid to seek it regardless of the time of day or night.

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Good post! As I see many students avoid sports and prefer to play computer games:) As for me I go to the gym two times a week and play football on weekends. I even sometimes can use writing service for difficult assignments so as not to miss workouts!