The XXX Experience presented by Blakkmoney Entertainment @blakkmoney


Signature Series Arts and Blakkmoney Entertainment Presents "THE XXX EXPERIENCE"

Signature Series Arts and Blakkmoney Entertainment is in the Summer phase of their seasonal event productions. This time The XXX Experience emulates from The VC House in Williamsburg ,Brooklyn. The Main card of the event is Controverse an emerging name and face on the east coast music scene who has released several freestyle videos including a single entitled "Jesus" with Connie Diamonds , History and Prince Hood who are currently on tour promoting the "Appreciated" E.P that was discreetly dropped last month , Bando Papi ( Formerly John The Jawn) who earned 10,000 views on his performance videos . Zillaboy Killa . The card features past acts such as Dali Tyson (The Cypher Chamber) , Big Shot (Get Me In The Game) and Yun Nostra ( New York City Empire Strikes Back) , and new faces such as Brooklyn Ledge who earned his spot through QSJ Radio , Gxnzo ( pronounced Gonzo ) a cant stop gang affiliate artist and touring artist , Luxury Entertainment who will present their roster featuring Jalil , and Jaycey Sounds who has released a EP last summer and still finding his footing on the indie scene . The event will be hosted by the energetic and spunky Vianca Phillips of WHADDUP THO RADIO Thursday nights 8pm on WVMR. Awesome of GFM Media the more raw of the two and color commentator will co-host the event like the duo did this spring at "The Cypher Chamber". Music will be provided by DJ Boogs of the former Media brands such as QSJ Radio and its host Traffic light will be on hand to stream the event live .This will be a stand in episode for the show's regularly scheduled #MadLuh radio show. Pre-Game Radio's host Mimi and Amber of the I-95 show will be on hand to interview the artist all night as apart of a correspondents team. Come out and enjoy the night as Signature Series Arts and Blakkmoney Entertainment looks to put on a memorable night

Come out 8/23 to the @thevchouse