I know I sound like a broken record about the heavy weight division but things haven't been this…


I know I sound like a broken record about the heavy weight division but things haven't been this exciting since Lennox Lewis retired from boxing. The Wilder and Joshua fight is going to happen at least once, it has to. Both men have something to prove and only each other with which to prove it but then lurking in the background is Tyson Fury, a guy that made Klitschko look like a fool and then disappeared, got fat, and just came back fit and cocky. The next few years are going to be exciting for boxing, mark my words.

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No, @illseed, that's on me for not paying attention. Things are even better than I thought. Watch this where Big Baby Miller gets promised a crack at Joshua if he makes a statement in his next fight. If you watch the whole thing you'll learn about how much money is in the way of making the Wilder and Joshua fight happen which makes the Baby Boy/AJ fight that much more likely.

Here, Eddie Hearn tells Miller that if he makes a statement against Johann Duhaupas, he'll get a shot at Anthony Joshua:

Then Miller makes the statement and Eddie Hearn shows up and says he'll keep his word:

I can't find any footage of this fight, Spike TV had it but it's gone now. Mr Boxing had a good breakdown of Miller's next fights but he seemed like he was setting his sights lower than Eddie Hearn was, which is a caution.

Another news item that you (@illseed) deserve credit for covering is 50 keeping the Wilder/BB Miller feud alive. I forgot all about your 50 story but in googling I came across this. My grandpa would say this is more 'grist for the mill', I think.

But this here has me a little bummed/confused now that I was rooting for Baby Boy to get his chance because it looks like Wilder/Joshua is what both fighters want right now and honestly why argue. There are plenty of fights left in these guys. Listen to Mr. Boxing here and here how they save themselves.

When you think about all the fights that have to happen to make these fights happen, we've got a lot of good fights about to happen.



Too bad Big Baby Miller isn't a contender in the eyes of most. Be nice to see the heavies in the US rise a bit more.


I no sooner get done writing that then this shows up.

Wladimir Klitschko refuses to rule out a return to professional boxing