Lady Leshurr Is Out Here Doing Missy Elliot's & God's Work With "Black Panther"


UK's Lady Leshurr is doing the most with her new song...a must see.

(AllHipHop Music) Looking at the internet, I saw something that struck my eye. A Facebook troll site said, “Lady Leshurr Killed Missy Elliot!” Clearly, the Virginia singer/rapper is very much alive, but what what The Internets trying to say? In their own way, they were trying to uplift the newer, lesser-known spitter, by putting down Missy. Lady Leshurr, a Birmingham, UK representative, is not really new to the game and she is well deserving of the accolades she receives all over the world.

Does she need a troll to help her? Maybe. Despite being a worldwide phenom, Lady Leshurr has not become a household name in the United States yet. She has recorded a song called “Black Panther,” which clearly capitalizes off the hit Marvel movie. But, the bars stand up and the beat - blessings to Missy - do too. Salute the UK!