Listen to "Rhymes" by Freebandz Smiley for an Authentic Hip Hop

Hip hop and rap as a music genre has gathered immense popularity from worldwide fans.

In Soundcloud, there are many hip hop and rap musicians, who are hooking fans with their melodious beats. But, none are as a good as Freebandz Smiley who is rocking the music-sharing arena with his latest song, “Rhymes”. This rhythmic hip hop and rap song is connected with fans and offers them an authentic musicality. The melody, lyricism and story-line of this song are based on superb energy that offers amazing experiences to fans.

Freebandz Smiley has several songs, but currently “Rhymes” is getting accolades from fans worldwide. The hypnotic beats of the song completely captivates the fans and bring them deeply personal experiences. If you have been wondering what the special ingredients in the song are – it is nothing more the vocal of the artist and his amazing lyricism. Soundcloud fans are already flocking in his profile to listen to him. To understand better, listen to “Rhymes” by this hip hop and rap musician.