Michael Fang- A Gem In The Making


Michael Fang is the voice of the generation today. He is a singer whose life story and songs are highly relate able.

Born in Texas, Huston, Fang has been celebrating his music for 24 years. For all his life Michael has been in touch with his artistic side and busied himself by taking part in the performance of different art forms. He started off with acting in a theater in his college days. Later he tested his mettle in hip-hop dancing but the only thing that brought him solace was his music. He was very invested in his music and managed to release four singles within a span of 3 years. His first single was released in 2016. It was named ‘Night Pill’ the song was released without a label backing it. In the song the ‘Night Pill’ Michael’s friend Chigo Ace provided the backing vocals. The next song is named ‘Now’. This too was brought forth with the collaboration of Chigo. The song was released on October the second of 2017. The song was produced by Taylor King and Miracle Beat Boy. After a successful release, Fang went out to release another single on the 24 of August in 2018. ‘Fleeek’ was a hit as soon as it was released. Fang’s fans listened to the song on repeat for many times. It was released for the public on three mediums: SoundCloud, YouTube and Spotify. In 2019 Michael Fang released two hit singles. The first one was released on the 4th of July. It was named ‘Pharaoh’s Drip Freestyle’. It was released through the channel Darcwav which they set up on their own in Dallas. Within the next few weeks Fang released another single by the name ‘DMS’. It was released on 12th of July. Michael Fang is rapidly rising to the fame in the world of music. More and more people are being introduced to his music by their friends. His fans are very intrigued by his talent many of them are amazed by the rhythms he is able to craft and his famous ‘Ahye’ sound that can be found in most of his songs. Fang has devoted a lot of time to his music and is getting more consistent with his music release; he has been performing for almost ten years and has many more to come his way.