Sacramento Rapper DLRN Parked His Car on the Freeway During Rush Hour


Parked on the 405 For a Video Shoot? 😮

Rapper and songwriter DLRN (pronouned Da-lor-in) has a very strong rebellious side. In fact, in his teen years, he was responsible for a late-night party thrown in his high school's auditorium that led his entire school district to revamp their campus security. So when it came time to record the first video for his forthcoming EP, he could only be himself--which meant giving zero f***s.

Watch DLRN's "Just Be Chillin" Video Here

In the video for "Just Be Chillin," the first single featuring DLRN's unique voice and an expertly flipped Spice 1 beat, the artist does stunts like parking a car in the middle of the busy 405 freeway during rush hour and then relaxing on the hood, smiling, and rapping. But despite all the intense moments DLRN finds himself in, he will forever "just be chillin."

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