Tribe Mafia - Can't Let Go ft. Maleio, Rora Wilde, & Erik Goca


Tribe Mafia releases new hit single

In Tribe Mafia's latest single "Can't Let Go" the duo simultaneously charms and razzes any woman ready to feel loved. In their version of Calvin Richardson's original, "Can't Let Go," they explore relationship of intimacies with voices that bear the emotional weight and range of the blues.

The tender love song has an affectionate hook, which is then dominated by masterful and commanding voices that paint shades of nuance, pooling and pouring out of vowels like thick molasses.

Most of the sounds on the record are dramatic and expansive, but with the guest features from Malieo, Rora Wilde, and Erik Goca "Can't Let Go" offers a layered, mesmerizing portrait of modern romance.

The song makes for a hazy, gliding R&B song that sounds like a heart shattering and reforming just to shatter again -- of a trouble couple attempting to navigate the mess of love. The heartache is from empathy: for lovers at war with their minds and having the fear of vulnerability which wraps their ability to love those trying their best to love them back.

With the drop of their newest single, the group is preparing for the release of their EP which is set to be delivered in early March on all streaming platforms. Along with their releases, Tribe Mafia is preparing to perform at one of the biggest festivals in Austin, Texas at SXSW.


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