What Breakfast Club Interviews Do You Want to See in 2018 ?

What interviews would you like to see on the Breakfast Club next ?

Breakfast club interviews that need to happen:

NaS - He's never been interviewed on there so why not ?

Suge Knight - I know I know LOLOL but if he gets off the stories he has to tell maaaannn...

J.Prince - So much is happening not just in Hip-Hop but in the world in general, I'd love to hear his perspective on the game right now and even some motivation about being an entrepreneur

Robert Greene - This would be classic

Chadwick Boseman - He has a lot of stage presence and charisma, whenever he appears on screen he just commands the attention. Would be interesting to hear his perspective.

Sinbad - Every interview he's done has been classic, so another should happen

What interviews do yall want to see in 2018 from the Breakfast Club ??

Bun B

How bout that dude that killed the IC?


Damn this shit dead as fuck

Man the IC pulled a fetty wap and fell off literally overnight

Angela Yee’s monkey


Appreciate you trying to keep this thing going.... but this shit is dead. We can't get jiggy with this Maven shit. I turn 30 this year and have been on the ic since I was like 12.. sad to see it go like this. RIP IC. 🙏🏾

Give me a good podcast anytime over a Breakfast club interview. Imma say Jane Elliot.


Nas will never do it..


Boosie and Webbie together

Kelly Price.

Byron Allen.

Paul Mooney.

Tyler The Creator.

Teddy Riley.

Bobby Brown.

Allhiphop creators..and why they got rid of the Original Forum

Donkey of the day for what the owners did to the IC.

This is a tough one but Nas would be dope, maybe even Snoop Dogg...Aslong as its an livewire interview...No more "Lil Baby" interviews...