For decades Chicago producer S7NLEE has been designing and creating music. (recent production credits include: Furious Styles, Lyrical Autonomy and Him of Many Faces for Mac Millie ) Yet may have never heard of him. But you probably have heard a few tracks he's created for radio & television commercials. (McDonald's, Toyota, Jewels) He's mostly known for having great studio recording quality. Mixing & mastering other artist's songs and albums at his MADDLABB Studioz in Chicago. Just like Antonio Salieri in the movie Amadeus. No one knew of Salieri or his music as well. Everyone marveled at Mozart in their time. This movie inspired S7NLEE's vision for MINOR KEYZ. You will hear clips from the movie throughout.

Alter almost 3 years of fueled anticipation on New Year's Day he releases his hip-hop opera, MINOR KEYZ. Featuring the most monumental artists out of Chicago & Joliet. Mac Millie of GS Entertainment, Vell Da General, Naetori, David X of GS Entertainment, Cell Got It, Chise Up, Swaylo, Pre Dolla, Fitzptheo, Jeanine, Race Bannon, D.A., ILLA, and Trey Dilla. Despite the movie. You might say the MINOR KEYZ is like a ride through the Go-ILL. Entertaining bars from real spita's and soul singing sangers. Hip-hop meets trap-soul music. Acknowledging love, pride, envy, depression, and hope. A work of 17 songs with hitting drums, synths, airy keys and heavy low in knocking. These songs will be treasures for years to come.

Available for digital download on all platforms Artwork by S7NLEE Mixed & Mastered by S7NLEE at MADDLABB Studioz, for MADDMANN-PRODUCIONZ


S7NLEE SM: Instagram: @s7nlee Twitter: @s7nlee