5 & Done: Identical

Rap mavericks Identical, are making a major impact in the independent music scene. They are from Inkster, MI. The twin brothers have been grinding for years putting their city “The Town” on the map. Additionally, they are the founders of TheCollegeofHipHop.org.

AllHipHop.com: What's good Identical? Firstly, give us some background info as to who you are.

Identical:  We are Antoine “AJ” and Santoine “SJ” Jackson and we are the founders of www.thecollegeofhiphop.org which is the 1st on-line cultural learning institution that is dedicated to educating all artist current and aspiring as well as CEO’s the business of Arts & Entertainment thru dynamic seminars. We are also a rap group by the name of IDENTICAL from Inkster MI that have been grinding for years putting our city “The Town” on the map. We are able to teach the business because we have written songs that generate income and learned the business so why not help others

AllHipHop.com: What is the significance of your name?

Identical:  We are actually Identical twin brothers and people always called us “twin” no matter what our group name was so we just made that adjustment plus it is more marketable. And we chose the name Thecollegeofhiphop.org because we grew up right along with hip hop, so that name made sense to us, BUT we teach all business aspects of the industry.

AllHipHop.com:: Which artists or individuals have inspired you?

Identical:  We have been inspired by the innovators and business men like Berry Gordy, Russell Simmons, Kevin Liles, Percy “Master P” Miller, Brian and Ronald Williams and Steve Stoute because they all have changed the game and showed US it was possible to do so coming from the places we come from.

AllHipHop.com: What is your opinion of the current state of the music industry?

Identical:  The Current state of the music industry is great, the music may not be timeless but there are more artists making a good living now than any other time in music. But if I could change anything, it would be the number of uneducated artist and that's why our goal is to educate them as well as the “fakeness” because its still a lot of people out here selling artist dreams and playing with they lives and lively hood.

AllHipHop.com: Any final words for the people.

Identical: Yes. Special thanks to AllHipHop.com for this opportunity. Keep God 1st and always travel light. Learn the Business of Arts & Entertainment now by going to www.thecollegeofhiphop.org and enrolling NOW.