5 & Done: KAE Hock - A Delaware State of Grind

When you come up in Delaware, some say your opportunities are limited as far as Hip-Hop. Then again if you were to say that, you wouldn't be on this site as the founders are from the First State. When you really take a look at the situation, Delaware is strategically located to take advantage of several major markets (DC, Baltimore, Philly, Jersey and NYC). Everything is a few hours away but often the First State is overlooked when it comes to the talent.

But careful where you walk when you in Delaware, because with artists like SAP, Marchitect and KAE Hock in the mix, Delaware Hip-Hop is slowly but surely making a name for itself bumping elbows this the best of the best. It's a rough area with Wilmington, Delaware reaching all-times highs for murder and crime, but somehow the artists here find a way to grow and survive... Take a look at AllHipHop's sit down with KAE Hock and get a look at what its like in the First State.

AHH: What is your goal with this recent project and content?

KAE Hock: This project was a long time in the making! I wanted 1738 to show that as an artist, I could deliver something timeless with content but still staying true to the culture, and staying true to myself. I also wanted to show my versatility, provide something my core fans and new fans could appreciate, and of course grow my fan base.

AHH: How is the Delaware rap scene shaping up?

KAE Hock: I absolutely love being a part of it! There is so much talent in Delaware! Producers, musicians, singers, writers, artist. Our location on the east coast influences a melting pot of sounds. Our city streets are crazy right now, so you have artist expressing themselves from different angles about their experiences here, whats happening here and, for some artist, what we could do to make it better. Being a Delaware artist right now, in my opinion, is like having early stock. Especially since we havent had a mainstream artist blaze through yet. The first one to put us on the map is gonna be in for a great ride! I'm working to make that me, but I'll support any DE artist who does it. Unless their sh*t is wack to me... I don't support wack sh*t, across the board. We certainly aren't perfect.

AHH: What are you doing to separate yourself from the thousands of artists out now?

KAE Hock: By not being afraid to be a grown man with this sh*t. Dudes front so hard... I'm coming into the game mature, knowing who I am, knowing what I'm capable of, with my skills mastered. I can spit a mean 40 for you. I can write a dope hook for you. I can give you a dope song. In any fashion, I can sing for you. I am involved in every aspect of my music. I get my hands dirty and I'm not the n*gga to bite his tongue. Nor am I the one to lie.

AHH: Explain the title of "1738" ...

KAE Hock: There was a time when the finer things in life where not available to Blacks. No time is more indicative of this than the 1700's. We were property, treated as animals. We couldn't understand the language. Their Gods, gold, and glory was impressed upon us without consent ,without consideration of our own beliefs.

In small numbers we began to rebel, and revolt - obviously, we have come a long way. So much was taken from us, now it is our turn to take what is ours. This does not require violent actions, but it does require a rather violent mindset. We can not be stopped in our pursuit of cultural improvement, independence, and acknowledgment. They took everything from us.

What did we do? We fought tooth and nail and built our foundation here. We must remember that we have culture that is rich. We must remember the power of togetherness. We have our jazz, our hip hop, our style, our food, and if we looked deeper, even more.

Although our ancestors were captured, used, raped, killed, and pillaged, we must remember that our culture dates back to the earliest days, and is even more beautiful. But starting from what we know, and where we are, we must only acknowledge one thing.... That we have not reached the peak of our potential. 1738's underlying theme is that we came so far, but still have farther to go! So as we continue our pursuit, I'm going to enjoy this cognac, push the limits, and enjoy the ride.

AHH: What are your goals and plans for your come up and progression to the top of the Tri-State rap scene?

KAE Hock: I have learned from my mistakes in this grind. My team is strong and our network is growing by the minute. What we couldn't get people to do for us we learned to execute ourselves. With my company GT Enterprises, and my close cohorts at Nerveight, Twin Life, Yourpartyhub.com, LTD, and NWO we are building a machine! Putting on our own shows at the major festivals like SXSW and A3C, as well as up and down the East Coast. I will still be releasing projects, but I grew a habit of working on projects and not being active in the meantime. That is no more. I will be releasing content early and often! I'm no flash in the pan. I do this. Now its just time to let my music, strategy, and work ethic talk for me. So to everyone out there ... LISTEN THE F*CK UP! The goal is to Master P this shit. To Macklemore this shit. Jay Z this sh*t. All while achieving musical greatness. Need I say more?