5 & Done: Walks The Runner

Representing Reedsburg Wi, Walks the Runner AKA Matthew Walker, hits the Hip-Hop scene with a breath of fresh air in a claustrophobic industry, which allows little room for new material. Walks was able to connect with DJ PAIN 1and landed a placement on his highly anticipated "Painkillerz 2" mixtape hosted by Big Sean and LEP Bogus Boys, with his song "Young Dick Vitale."

AllHipHop.com: What's Good Walks The Runner. Give us some background info as to who you are.

Walks The Runner: I’m a Wisconsin Emcee, born in 1988 from Reedsburg, WI. I come from a family of six kids, all of whom which are redheads. Aside from rapping, I also hoop and own a Siberian Husky.

AllHipHop.com: What is the significance of your name?

Walks The Runner: My Emcee name comes from my last name, Walker. All my friends have been calling me “Walks” as a nickname for as long as I can remember. I added “The Runner” for some wordplay. Also, I feel like when I hear a beat I want to “run” all over it.

AllHipHop.com: What is it about you that makes you a cutting edge artist?

Walks The Runner: The thing that makes me cutting edge is my energy, travels, relationship building, online promotion, street promotions, and just being original. I don’t sound like anyone at all. My rhyme schemes, flow, voice, punch lines, are all original. I don’t copy any other rapper’s steez.

AllHipHop.com: What single or project are you currently pushing?

Walks The Runner: I just released my mixtape, “Loquacious Linguist,” In the first week of April. Along with that, I’m pushing my single “Ain’t Tryna Hear It.” (Prod by DJ PAIN 1) This will be the lead single off of his upcoming mixtape, “Painkillerz 3.” Also, I was a feature artist on DJ Fusion’s, “Bringing Heat to the Streets volume 13.” Talib Kweli was a part of that project as well. You can read up about me and hear more music at www.clutchink.com

AllHipHop.com: What is your opinion of the current state of the music industry?

Walks The Runner: There is a lot of bad music, but there is a lot of good music as well. Sadly, the radio is so repetitive that so much good music isn’t heard by the masses. It has become more of how a song makes you feel, opposed to bringing a message or just some real artistic type shit. BUT, there is a lot of good music on the rise. I see hip-hop going in a good direction. A lot of New York cats are impressing me.