50 Cent Celebrates Birthday in NYC and Promotes His PETA Friendly Hand Sanitizer


50 Cent celebrates his birthday in NYC and Michael Blackson shows up!

With T.I. challenging 50 Cent to a Versuz battle and with his hands on the release of Pop Smoke's project, there's been a lot going on in the world of the G-Unit ringleader. Check it out as 50 Cent celebrates his birthday in New York like only a boss could do during Coronavirus pandemic. Of course 50 Cent found a way to capture the moment by launching his new hand sanitizer while he had everyone's attention.

Serious question though, are you going to buy 50's hand sanitizer? According to his G-Unit Brands site, his "POWER" Limited Edition Hand Sanitizer will kill 99.9% of germs, it includes a moisturizing aloe vera and vitamin E component that leaves hands feeling soft. For all the fellas out there that don't want that flowery scent, the sanitizer is unscented. Apparently 50 is being more PETA and environmentally conscientious as this product has not been tested on animals and has no CFC's.