550 ft 21 Savage “Radar”


Future's biological cousin drops some heat with 21 Savage

Today, Atlanta rapper 550 dropped his Yung Lan produced single “Radar” featuring 21 Savage. The head nodding gangster track is included in his 17-song mixtape Hoodlum releasing tomorrow January 26th. 550 recruits Future, 21 Savage, Yung Mazi, Will-A-Fool for the project.

“Radar is about staying in your own lane. Don’t try to be something that you’re not. If you're not about that life, then stay off the radar. I put Savage on the track cuz we been riding in the same lane for years. Even before it was a lane. When I started the song with ‘I’m in the booth with a dub bitch and an AR…I was literally in the booth with 20K in my pocket," 550 explained.

While he shares personal experiences from his past street life, 550 also pays tribute to his hometown with the new mixtape. “I’m like the Bumpy Johnson of my hood. I got people together, stopped the bullshit and brought unity back. We make sure people eat, help them back on their feet and hooked them up with jobs. We didn’t do it for Instagram but people in the streets know. I’m the Bumpy of the hood.”