Tauzha- '5 Rings Vol. 1'

Tauzha is back with the winning formula as she shows her versatility on her mixtape.

Citing loyalty as her strongest trait, Chicago rapper Tauzha dropped her debut project this week, along with a video for the set’s title. Tauzha named the project '5 Rings Volume 1' for her dad, who’s a solid and positive presence in her life.

“In my eyes he’s like Kobe. He got 5 rings. Anybody with 5 rings gon make sure the family eat, because they know how to win. That’s my dad to me,” said Tauzha.

Boasting only 1 feature from fellow Chi-town native Lil Durk, Tauzha wants listeners to know that she’s versatile and able to carry a whole project without help. She does a pretty good damn job at it too! But she’s also looking forward to working with her peers.

“I’m not in competition with nobody. I’ll work with anybody. I’m just focused on being the best artist I can be. I’ve wanted this since I was 8 years old,” she added.

Coupling her talent with her dad’s winning formula, Tauzha is looking to add to the dynasty. Check '5 Rings Volume 1' out now!