A-Boogie Gets Somber On "Day One"


Charlton Wallace gives the new A-Boogie a listen and gives the verdict on "Day On."

By Charlton Wallace

(AllHipHop Music) A-Boogie's "Day One" is a dark, somber track that goes into the depths of betrayal. The Bronx native recently made headlines for beating up Lil B at a music festival. In this case, he continues to make an audience feel what he has gone through with friends. The song resembles the look and feel of "Artist," some of his first emotive music. The sparse use of drum and piano makes the track very impactful.

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No. 1-1

He jump a dude (Lil-B) with 10 dudes that is so weak... Try that any real Calif bloods or crips and yall will get sent back to NY in a box, and have lived both coasts. Calif are born into this lifestyle, several generations this banging. The rapper Game said on his first album that his mom was a HOOVER CRIP, Just how life is out there.