A.G. (D.I.T.C.) Releases "Rock N Roller" Video with Producer Cuns

The legendary Bronx rapper is back with producer Cuns.

Over the last couple of years, legendary Bronx lyricist and DITC Immortal A.G. has been working on the low with Roman producer Cuns, creating and shaping their brand new EP entitled "Bronck's Kill."

On this new body of work, Cuns has managed to tailor the perfect soundscape for A.G. unique style, intricate rhymes and seamless storytelling. The 5 songs that compose "Bronck's Kill" showcase both A.G. and Cuns in their best of shapes through ethereal productions and deep and thoughtful lyricism.

The project features guest appearances by young talented names such as Recognize Ali and Sage Infinite and killer cuts by Rome Zoo's very own DJ Stile, giving the project that classic trademark sound typical of A.G.'s work.

Recorded at Spanish Fly Media (Brooklyn, NY), mixed and mastered by legendary Italian producer and engineer Davide "Bassi Maestro" Bassi at Press Rewind Studios (Milano, Italy) and aptly illustrated by Domenico Errico, "Bronck's Kill" is the result of yet another overseas collaboration entirely curated by Tuff Kong Records.