Ab-Soul Lets Off Warning Shots With "Dangerookipawaa" Freestyle


This is the first Ab-Soul solo joint since 2016

Never one to disappoint the never stale TDE wordsmith Ab-Soul returns with his "Dangerookipawaa" freestyle. With shout outs to Mac Miller, Star Wars references and more Ab lets off some warning shots to the game on his final lines of the the track, leading many to speculate about a host of looming TDE projects. The last line seemingly tells it all with Ab-Soul warning the game of what Dot told him. "Dot told me, 'This time, we demandin' respect' / Milk the game for all it's worth like a mammary gland, ayy." Stay tuned because this surprise track and more like it might be just what the game has been missing ever since Coronavirus hit.

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