Abhi the Nomad - "Pressure"

AllHipHop Staff

Abhi the Nomad is gearing up to release his new LP *Marbled* on February 9th via Tommy Boy Records

Marbled is a twelve track collection of songs that blend hip-hop and indie-pop to tell Abhi's story of a man with no place.

Since he was born in Madras, India, Abhi has lived in more than 10 cities, in 8 states, in 4 countries, almost always having to relocate against his will.

Most recently, Abhi was removed from the United States due to immigration laws when he didn't win a visa lottery after college.

He was forced out of his job, away from his girlfriend and everyone he knew, and was shipped to India before relocating to France, and finally--thanks to a graduate student visa--back to the United States.

“I had just moved away from my girlfriend and my friends, and my full-time position had to push me out. It was s##tty. My girlfriend was pretty much the only person I talked to,” Abhi told AllHipHop.com.

Throughout these tumultuous times, Marbled has been there, chronicling Abhi's isolation, depression, and frustration at the lack of control over his own existence.

Abhi's new single "Pressure" focuses on the struggle to succeed despite the setbacks thrown your way, with Abhi and featured artists Shota Lodi & Dylan Montayne trading verses describing their drive to push back against the pressure atop a smooth, downtempo beat.