Album Spotlight: LeoSoul - Elcee

Remember last month when we posted an upcoming Toronto rapper's music video? Well Toronto's Elcee is back with his brand new project LeoSoul (the same project that Jelly belongs to). Elcee drops us this summer project with production from Bonham Carter, Chan-AV, MKSB, Feo Trey, Fluence, LEF7Y, A$$tronaut Beatz & MisterMack. Features include Ghost, Sese, Phee & T.Y.. 

LeoSoul caters to the ambitious dreamers of the new age with subject matter surrounding relationships, personal experiences & growth. Growth is something we all desire at some point in our life, regardless of what it is we are trying accomplish. If you have aspirations, self confidence, drive, etc. LeoSoul is for you, and inspired by you.

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