Talks Tweets With Twitter Master Desus

Desus is well known throughout "Black Twitter" for finding the most creative ways of saying what so many tweeters wish they could say out loud but can never muster up the nerve to utter publicly! recently got the pleasure of his company during a sit down interview and we can confirm that his reputation for being hilarious is well deserved! In fact it's not even up for debate!

In our interview Desus explains why the pronunciation of his name can be determined by whether or not you use Fabuloso to clean your house!

Take a look below to see what causes him to feel that the things he says could make others, "lose their job, go to jail or get punched in the face" if they attempt to say them!

Like we said...HILARIOUS! Thanks again to Desus for the sit down. Be sure to follow Desus on Twitter and Instagram @desusnice  and keep your eyes peeled for him on the small screen and book shelves very soon!

Videography By: Nahgee Saini