AllHipHop Presents: @MrPlay's UK Street Heat Selection


Mr. Play is one of the most respected DJ's out and now he offers up is Top Five UK street songs.

(AllHipHop Features) One of our favorite DJ's is Mr. Play, who just happens to hail from the United Kingdom. But, don't sleep, he is very worldwide with a strong following stateside. We collectively decided it was time to work together after an incredible event in the Netherlands that Mr. Play DJ'd. So, the spin master has decide to present us with five songs that represent UK street heat. Check them out.

@h_moneda - "10:10"

H Moneda's "10/10" song is hot right now, just how the song and video plays on the pun of living that 10 out of 10 lifestyle. The catchy song is a new generation hit cause everyone wants to be living that life. "10/10" video also brings that new vibe for the new culture by bringing the newest cars and shiniest chains.

@KreptandKonan - "Wo Wo Wo"

Krept and Konan's "Wo Wo Wo" automatically gives you that new generation vibe, where you want to bop to the music. The new Afro swing movement is highly respected in this new culture, but with this song, it has a Jamaican bashment twist to it. The song is also catchy, the way the duo go back and forth with 2 punchlines and then drop the "Wo Wo Wo" is captivating.

@Stormzy1 - "4pm in London"

Stormzy's "4pm in London" is one of those strongly lyrical songs that makes you wonder who he's talking about whilst bigging his achievements and how he celebrated it. In the video, it's all black everything - all Stormzy. That gives off that militant vibe as he says, "I'm coming for my spot". Stormzy's here to stay.

@Wretch32 ft @KojoFunds & @JahlaniArtist - "Tell Me"

Wretch's Tell Me" is a track that starts off with a jazz instrumental then slowly merges into that Afro swing vibe. Wretch 32, Kojo Funds and Jahlani made this song a hit because, not only does it involve lyrical rapping, it has Afro swing chorus' from Kojo Funds and the singing adlibs from Jahlani. The song is indicates a chase from a guy to a girl. "Tell Me" what u want is a mixture of all things music such as; rap, R&B, Afro swing and soul.

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