ANoyd - Blame It On Jay Z

Connecticut microphone killer ANoyd brings his bars to bear while telling fans to "Blame It On Jay-Z".

The idea and inspiration behind Blame It On JayZ, was to create a project like that of 4:44, that a younger audience could relate to. The content on 4:44 was age appropriate for those 35 and up looking to better themselves at the point in life where things such as credit, relationship monogamy, culture awareness, and racial issues matter.

Before embarking upon this particular Jay-Z album, ANoyd was in the midst of just cutting records that felt billboard worthy for the masses, but while doing so he gave 4:44 a thorough listen, and at that moment he changed directions. Teaming up with in house producer 2wo4our he started cutting records that made more sense to what he was feeling at the time. Eight records in he knew this was something special that could put his name in a different light and conversation. So blame Jay-Z for the honesty in his new music and for causing ANoyd to make a B line from radio success to critical acclaim!