ARIA - "Wave"

Unsigned artists ARIA looking to make a splash with his new joint Wave

Born and raised in Washington, D.C, ARIA (birth name, no gimmicks) began reciting and writing songs when he was only seven years old. By thirteen, he recorded his first track using a microphone that came with a video game.

As he honed his talent the ever-industrious ARIA also refined his work environment, creating his first recording booth out a large cardboard box, with walls he reinforced with scraps of carpet. A student and lover of music, ARIA cites his influences as JAY-Z, 2Pac and Eminem particularly as it pertains to their meticulous work ethics.

While he’s focused on all facets of his craft namely rapping, singing, songwriting, vocal production, composing and producing – ARIA prides himself on his ability to craft engaging themes which provide accessibility to connection for the listener.

ARIA plans to continue pushing the boundaries of his art, crafting unique sounds and creating captivating and relatable stories with his music.