Babes Babies & Fresh Sex Moves with Choppa Zoe-on the M+M+M Show!

Miami don @ChoppaZoe sits with @MrMecc & @K_Lavenne on the M+M+M Show Podcast!

By: Mr. Mecc (@MrMecc)

What do you do when you have your first born son with a personal trainer? What do you do when new women start approaching the new you?

What do you do when you can finally watch your own stroke? What do you do when folks get the #Haitian title 'Zoe' confused? How about when street dudes start trolling to get attention?

Well, you're Miami native @ChoppaZoe, you take a break from promoting your new single "Athlete" and sit with @MrMecc & @K_Lavenne on the #MMMKPodcast to answer all of the above!