Baby Soulja Works Out His Stress In New Video "Without Em"

Flo Rida's new rapper Baby Soulja is making a name for himself.

Jacksonville native and Flo Rida's IMG signee Baby Soulja uses the immense adversity he's faced to fuel his rhymes. In the video for "Without Em," you can see Baby Soulja working through the stress in real time.

He's all alone, pacing and rapping, while flames dance around him. While the 25 yo learns how to put out these fires out IRL (among them: providing for his family, his fight to survive, trust issues) he knows he always has one thing — the inner strength to keep going no matter what.

Baby Soulja doesn't need anyone else. With the Flo Rida co-sign and a growing IG fanbase of 555k, he knows he could do it without em, but he might not have to.

Check it out here: **