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[Editor's Note: In my time in Texas I have met some amazing talent in this state in the last year. I felt it only right that I dedicate an entire month to e up-and-coming talent in Texas.This first MC I just kept hearing aout him in Houston,. His buzz iscrazy, his flow was ill and when he performed at the Core DJs/AllHipHop Showcase in Orlando, FL, I knew he was ready. Check out the future of Texas. - Steve Raze]Whether your first time hearing Killa Kyleon was with him sippin' Purple Punch, or on his newest Gangsta Grillz mixtape with the infamous DJ Drama, you know that the young phenom is buzzin through the game as a force to be reckoned with. Houston’s own Killa Kyleon is on his own movement, and you may have heard him puttin on for his AMG crew while being featured all over the nation on tracks with your favorite artists and producers. Killa Kyleon is a rapper who has always been about the quality of his music, and he tells about how far he's come as well as how far he hopes to go.Music/Videos:Wiz Khalifa Ft. Killa Kyleon [Heater Of The Day] [BGA]

Killa Kyleon Ft. Gudda Gudda [Heater Of The Day] Congratulations on the new Gangsta Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama, “Natural Born Killa.” That’s a good look for you. How did you hook up?Killa Kyleon: Me and Drama have always had mutual friends, then we met about five years ago. I was actually on the first Gangsta Grillz album, and we both felt it was the best time for me to do the mixtape. We got together and made it You were also recently featured on Wiz Khalifa’s latest mixtape, Kush x Orange Juice on the hit track, “Spotlight”. It’s great to see good artists collaborating.Killa Kyleon: We’re actually shooting the video for “Spotlight” right now in New York! [At time of interview] We’ve been able to get together on a few things, we’re working on plans for a mixtape together. I saw him when he came to Houston, and it turns out we were both fans of each other’s music, so we got together for Kush x OJ. I have my AMG movement, he has his Taylor Gang movement, so we’re gon get together and collaborate the two. I respect what he’s doin with his music and vice versa so we’re gon keep getting together to put out There’s been some buzz about you doin some more work with Trill Ent’s Mouse On The Track down in Baton Rouge!Killa Kyleon: Oh yea, Mouse did “Fuckin Right” wit Hurricane Chris on Natural Born Killa. The rest of the South is a domino effect once Louisiana is bumpin your music. Houston is so close to Louisiana, and a lot of people have relatives sprinkled throughout Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Shreveport. Me and Mouse got a mixtape comin called Louisiana Fish Fry, we called it that because it’s me and my Louisiana nigga…and we cookin! Now thats all current business. When did you first get your start as a rapper in/out of the H? Who's eye did you catch?Killa Kyleon: I grew up under the finest of Screwed Up Click, then started to catch the attention of some big names in Houston, Chris Ward and Slim Thug from Boss Hogg both recognized me as Killa. It was Ron G, the CEO of Dead End Records (DEA), and Big Pokey who named me Kyleon. I hooked up with The Boyz In Blue and been grindin ever How do you feel about starting a new legacy in Houston? Killa Kyleon: I’m from the home of S.U.C, Big Pokey and Mobb Style, Boss Hogg Outlawz, real Houston music. But I want to give people another look on Houston. I don’t want to be put in a box. That’s not all we about out here is swangas and candy paint. Granted, you can expect the culture of Houston in my music… just with a different vibe. I’m real musical, I care a lot about my lyrics and the overall production quality of my music. You're currently independent? Tell us about AMG.Killa Kyleon: I am currently one of the CEO’s of AMG along with Boston George, who came up with the whole idea to join forces and make AMG a reality. It was a street ni**a collaboration put together as a movement, The Authentik Music Group. We have to touch on your split with Slim Thug. What made you go your separate ways? Was there beef?Killa Kyleon:  Man, Thug is my ni**a. There ain’t no beef, ain't never been no beef. When I left it was just to make a better name for myself and further my career. What Slim has done with Swisha House, I want to do with AMG. It was just my time to make moves for me. Can we expect any other videos from the mixtape?Killa Kyleon: Like I said, I got “Spotlight” with Wiz comin up, this song called “Somethin To Talk About,” and the “Nothing To A Hustla” track, as well.

I treat rap like a pick-up game. Anywhere I can hop on the court, work on my game, put up some shots & become a better player, that’s what I

do. What has been your biggest hurdle in making a name for yourself? You've established your name from Houston to Louisiana to New York. How did you prepare yourself for national exposure?Killa Kyleon: I treat rap like a pick-up game. Anywhere I can hop on the court, work on my game, put up some shots, and become a better player, that’s what I do. I’ve been recordin so long, I got about 300 songs down. And I’m considered a rookie in Houston! What is it that you want your fans and followers to know about Killa? What sets you apart from any other artist on the rise?Killa Kyleon:  Well, to the fans, look for my album. I’m upgrading with the times. The album will be totally left field and new age on some next millennium, 3010 something, type shit. I’m known for my hooks and choruses with stupid 16s, and I really aim to be a better musical artist. I’m around for the long haul. I’m only in competition with myself. People been tellin me to stay in my lane, find my place. Stay in my lane!!??? T.I and Jay-Z don’t have lanes!! I want to be like that. I want to be able to do whatever I want with my music from day to day, track to track. I’m a chef, a caterer, and I’m just cookin’ and servin‘….cookin’ and servin’.Visit Killa KyleonTwitter: @killakyleon