Big Ghost Drops 90’s-Style Mixtape

He ain't Ghostface, but still very cool!

The homey Big Ghost LTD is known for being outspoken about Hip-Hop, particularly about the softness of modern Hip-Hop. Now, he has dropped a gift in the form of a mixtape. Check out his explanation of “Griselda Ghost” right here:

Cats always talmbout they tryna bring the 90s back...n then literally try n make 90s soundin type shit. The Westside Gunn x Conway approach always been more bout bringin the ESSENCE of 90s/classic hip hop back. This EP aint no different from that namsayin. All production was handled by Big Ghost Ltd so you already kno the shit gon be endless fire emojis. This is pure grimy NY hip hop in its purest form. Fxck all the stupid shit. Put down the room temperature soy milk rap n get blessed by the flyness.

Download link: