Bishop Lamont Comes Out Blasting With "Go Time" FEAT Mopreme Shakur, Sick Jacken, B-Real & The D.O.C. [AUDIO]

Do you need something to sum up the way you are feeling right now? Are you craving an anthem of sorts to address that horribly gross feeling in your stomach that has been acquired from everything that is flashing by your eyes on your TV screens and filling up your social media feeds?

Well, Bishop Lamont and his friends; Mopreme Shakur, Sick Jacken, B-Real and The D.O.C. needed something too...and boy did they find it. With powerful production by Nick Speed, this track is a poignant piece to say the very least.

Take a listen to the new song that was just released to address the chaos rippling through the culture and greater society at large as of recent.

Simply goes in.

Click here for more information about Bishop Lamont's soon to be released new album "The Reformation".