Black Milk - "Laugh Now Cry Later":

AllHipHop Staff

Black Milk is respected across the industry for his unique sound, consistency and innovation.

Returning to the scene amidst a turbulent political climate, Detroit-born rapper/producer Black Milk announces FEVER, his upcoming studio album.

Black Milk's sixth solo rap album, and his first since 2014's If There's a Hell Below.

A cohesive 12-track project, listening to FEVER evokes the feeling of scrolling through an endless news feed, finding Black Milk reporting and commenting on the world's problems with empathy, clarity, and wit.

“Everybody’s temperature is up right now. The whole world is on edge. This album is my take on the issues I see as the cause for the high temp, and how I’m maneuvering through it," Black Milk said.

Check out the first single from Black Milk's album FEVER titled "Laugh Now Cry Later":