“Blind Love” Shows Off Sebastian Solano’s Talents

Sebastian Solano

Sebastian Solano is making a strong run for the crown in a game of kings and queens. Check out the music.

Our expectations for “Blind Love” were exceeded. Sebastian Solano’s new song has propelled him to prominence, demonstrating that he is one of the genre’s most significant performers. The rest of the world needs to keep an eye on him.

The three tunes on Sebastian’s most recent EP are “Running,” “Rest,” and “Blind Love.” Each of the three songs deals with a different aspect of a person’s emotional state. It’s no wonder that you’ll want to listen to each song again and over again, given the captivating sounds.

Sebastian’s songs combine a wide range of sounds that do not appear to be capable of producing anything substantial on their own. He composes tunes and beats that entice the listener to dance. However, after you hear it, you’ll realize that the sounds could not have been mixed any other way. Sebastian’s musical ability and aptitude are evident in his music.

You can listen to the songs here:

Check out Sebastian’s Instagram feed here: https://www.instagram.com/ssolano09/