Breeding Ground Blog: Starr Media Group: THE INTRODUCTION

Dre' Dinero - Starr Media Group: THE INTRODUCTION

My name is Andre "Dre' Dinero" Davis and I own an Independent Label by the name of Starr Media Group. My man Jigsaw from hit me up and asked if I wanted to do a blog on the site regarding what it takes to run an up and coming indie label and the struggle and grind that goes into attempting to break a new artist. At first I looked at the opportunity as a sure fire way to promote the acts that we are working and to let everyone know how "HOT" we are. Well after much thought and heated discussions with my partners, that's not going to happen, I'm not going to talk about how "HOT" we are because it really doesn't make a difference what I think it ONLY matters what the fans and the people think. "Dont Talk About It, Be About It" has always been the way I live my life so why stop now. So with that said let me give you a little insight into what we do at Starr Media Group and the thought process behind our movements.

I started this label four years ago with my business partners (Ronnie Knotts and Brad Smallz). If I would have known when I started, the amount of hard work, personal sacrifice, financial expenditure and the number of scumbags I would encounter on this journey I would have definitely reconsidered. So much for dreaming, I’m neck deep into our Hip Hop/Pop group Trillogy’s “Ride Around Town” campaign, check book in one hand and Blackberry in the other. There is very little room for error in this game so I am constantly cracking the whip at the studio, rehearsal hall, on every graphic, beat, mix, piece of clothing from our stylists, on every performance and on anything that remotely pertains to our label while making sure that the artists are constantly working on their craft and the support team is doing the same. My job is to make sure that every “I” is Dotted and every “T” is crossed. Most artists who get involved in the music industry think that someone is going to knock on their door with a big ass Ed McMahon check because they spit a hot 16. I'm sorry to tell ya - "Ain't Gonna Happen." This hustle is no joke, as a matter of fact it isn't a hustle at all. Making it in the music industry is more like an addiction, hoping and praying that you’ll be the lucky one to get strung out on it. 

With that being said, let me introduce you to our group Trillogy. We just shot a video to their new single "Ride Around Town" directed by Jay Rodriguez of Itchy House Films. 

Track and video below. 

Until next week. Keep your head up, keep grinding and remember......

I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday. ~Author Unknown