Breeding Ground Pick: League Of Extraordinary Gz: #LeagueSh*t

Austin, Texas-based rap crew League Of Extraordinary Gz are a rap group rooted in the tradition of groups like Public Enemy and Dead Prez, unafraid to tackle hot-button topics both political and socially minded, while still having fun. The group's latest single, "Intercourse," is an example of the latter as LOEGz teams with Dallas rapper Slim Gravy, of the group A.Dd+, and lets loose over hazy track. League Of Extraordinary Gz will release their new album, #LeagueShit, on October 15th. The album features Dead Prez, Bavu Blakes, and more.

[Project Link] What can the people expect on this album?

League Of Extraordinary Gz: Diversity, Quality, and Sonic Cohesiveness! The album has a good mixture of songs from party records to just straight lyrical tracks to songs that cover political topics to just some downright reality joints that anyone can relate to. We have been working on this album since we first started the League back in 2009 and in those years the project evolved musically and molded itself into what we embody as #LEAGUESHIT. We worked with a number of musicians to give each of the tracks some aspect of live instrumentation. Throughout the album, you'll hear horns, bass, guitars, keys, and even a jazz flute. As for features we got the homie Slim Gravy of A.Dd+, Dead Prez, Bavu Blakes, and grammy award winning Latin funk band Grupo Fantasma.

League Of Extraordinary Gz Ft. Dead Prez How has the group grown from 3 years ago being first being in the Breeding Ground?

League Of Extraordinary Gz: We've been through a lot since being featured on Breeding Ground back in Nov 2010. For those that are unfamiliar with our story, a month prior to our feature on AHH we were faced with the sudden tragic loss of our brother Octavis "Esbe Da 6th Street Bully" Berry to a pulmonary embolism. Although it had put a strain on us when it came to the creative process for close to a year, dealing with his loss made us closer than ever. We knew that we had bond together as a group but our brotherhood was evident when we had to deal with Tay's passing together. It was then we realized that it was more than just music and fame to us. We now had his family that we needed to take care of in his absence. Things started to pick back up for us in the spring of 2011 where we had a successful showing at the 2011 SXSW music festival. During the festival we were introduced to the homie Rittz through a mutual friend and later that summer went on his Revival Tour as a supporting act. We drove about 18k miles across the U.S. performing in 32 cities over roughly 40 days. It was a blessing for us as we were able to introduce our music and brand to markets we have never been to before. Once we got back from the tour, we got back into the booth and released an 8 track EP project in December 2012 on DjBooth which was produced entirely by the homie Shane Eli out of L.A. Earlier this year we went on a regional tour with our bro Scotty ATL. Since then we spent the remainder of our time this year finalizing the #LEAGUESHIT album. Although it seems like just yesterday when we were featured for the first time on AHH, we have been putting in work to grow our brand nationally as an indie act out of Austin. Hopefully, this will be more evident than ever with the release of our debut album. What is the next move for the League?

League Of Extraordinary Gz: Musically, everyone is working on their solo projects. There are 6 projects in the works right now. Reggie Coby is finishing up his W420 project. Lowkey has started working on his The Low Life project. Tuk and S.Dot are wrapping up their follow up to the Whiteboy Mixtape which will be hosted by DJ Burn One. Lil J is recording his solo effort Reality Rap. Slick Talk, who is currently stationed with the Navy, is almost done with a solo EP that was produced entirely by Eric Dingus. Lastly, we can't forget about Dowrong's Bully Basics solo project. We got a lot of music that we're gonna hit people with in the coming months. Outside of the music, we are planning to get back on the road again and hit a lot our markets with an official #LEAGUESHIT tour. So be on the lookout. You can stay up to date with the League by visiting our website