Breeding Ground Pick: Young Future

Young Future, the soulful versifier, originating from Palm Beach, FL. says: "I want to inspire with my music, and encourage people to focus on their opportunities, instead of their insecurities." Dubbing his sound "deep at the core, and something with life," Young Future stimulates thought with each verse and movement with every bass line.

This young soulful MC discovered his passion for music while growing up in Palm Beach, hearing variations of music from Usher, to Ricky Martin, to 50 cent , and managed to have an appreciation and affinity for all the sounds. At the age of 13, he quickly learned to write down what came directly from his soul in the form of poetry, which translated into hip hop. He discovered in that very space and time what his purpose was. Going through trials, tribulations, and struggles just as any young black male in America, Young Future is ready to make his mark in music. With his first solo EP “Circles Inspire Me”, introducing the single "Where Is The Love", he looks at life from a universal perspective, “Circles Inspire Me, will inspire anyone who hears it", Young Future’s flow is sure to make the world focus on the future and forget about the past.

Check out Young Future's new video "Where Is The Love"