Breeding Ground Spotlight: 2Gzz

2Gzz is a rap renegade hailing from the city that spawned the likes of Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller, Pittsburgh, PA. This multi talented MC has been featured in XXL Magazine, The, Yo! Raps, Shade 45 to just to name a few sites and radio stations. He’s collaborated with notable artists like Gunplay (of Triple Cs), Juvenile and BG. In addition, 2Gzz has opened up for just about every major Hip-Hop artist in the industry such as and has repped his city with the talent to match. What's good 2Gzz? You're buzz is crazy right now, but for those who are not familiar, let them know who you are?

2Gzz: Yeah, I go by the name 2Gzz, which is short for 2Gunzz and I have my city of Pittsburgh, PA on lock right now. In fact I won "Artist Of The Year" at The Pittsburgh Hip-Hop Awards in 2011 and I released a critically-acclaimed mixtape series entitled "Bricktales Vol. 1 & 2". My Philosophy Is "Stay Loyal and Stay Hungry." I was born and raised in the gritty and grimy Northview Heights Projects. I've actually lived the life that I rap about and my music incorporates an element of realism and rawness that is authentic.

2Gzz featuring Juvenile and P Vicious "Savage Hustle" There's a lot of great talent coming out of Pittsburgh like Wiz Khalifa and Mac Miller. Tell us about the music scene out there.

2Gzz: It's all good. Much respect to Wiz and Mac Miller. We just grind hard out here in Pittsburgh and we have plenty of super talented people out here. My mission is to further put my city on the map by staying relevant and consistently making hit songs that resonate with the people. What project are you currently working on?

2Gzz: Currently I'm pushing my Club Banger called "Heavy In Da Club" Ft. Stevie B off of my upcoming Mix Tape Called "Welcome 2 My City," which will be hosted by DJ Holiday. Also the follow up single is "Savage Hustle" featuring Juvenile. With "Heavy in Da Club" we're getting a lot of love from college radio stations and notable mixshows from around the country.

2Gzz featuring Stevie B - Heavy In The Club Directed by ANTUKS Who or what are your inspirations?

2Gzz: First and foremost my family is my main inspiration. But artists Like 2Pac, Jay-Z, Biggie, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne and Wiz Khalifa have all inspired Me. What is your album going to be like?

2Gzz: My album is going to be CLASSIC AND TIMELESS! It will be released through my indie label called Rovalike Records. Production will be handled by Mike Dugan,Tony Fingers, Soy Sos and others. Be prepared for lyricism and realism. Any Final Word for the people.

2Gzz: Yes, special thanks to All Hip Hop. And big shout out to my Rovalike family and all my G's from Pittsburgh. For press and bookings contact and check me out at