Breeding Ground Spotlight: B. Taylor

Navy veteran B. Taylor is taking the music world by storm. This all American budding Hip Hop star was discovered by Motown legends. Moreover, he has become the "face of music" for the U.S military and their families. B. Taylor has appeared on Entertainment Tonight, Extra, Fox News and he has performed for President Obama. He Scored a #1 Hit on Billboard with his duet with TV star Pauley Perrette. That is a major fete for an independent artist. What's good B. Taylor? You've received a lot of mainstream press. For those who are not familiar with you, give us some background info as to who you are.

B. Taylor My name is B.Taylor. I'm a rapper/musician originally from Peoria, IL. I'm a former Military Veteran who was let out of the military early to pursue a professional career in sports and music. Also I was discovered by Pete Moore of Smokey Robinson and the Miracles and later endorsed by the Motown Legends and Family. Currently I reside in Las Vegas, NV. and just had a pretty good year as an independent artist going #1 on the Billboard Hot Hip Hop/RnB Singles chart with my single "Fire In Your Eyes" featuring the NCIS and #1 actress on Prime Time Television Pauley Perrette which has given me a solid fan base of over 400k people on the social sites. I also did a song with Ray J called "Let's Get This Party Started." What is the significance of your name?

B. Taylor My nickname is B.T., but I couldn't use that name because of the techno producer that goes by the same name. My full name is Billy Taylor and I couldn't use that because of the jazz musician by the name of Billy Taylor. So, I came up with B.Taylor, which is what the military called me. You have a unique sound, Who is your target market? Who are you trying to reach?

B. Taylor My target market is a global market of music consumers who like good music just like Motown did. I want to hit the youth, urban markets, and then cross over to hit everyone else. Motown music was made for everyone and that's what I learned from them. Berry Gordy said on the first day of Motown we are not going to make Black Music, we are going to make music for the world and that is my target audience, the world. Besides the fact that you're being backed by the Motown legends, which is great in of itself, What is your USP? (Unique Selling Proposition) and what sets you apart from other artists?

B. Taylor Well as a Hip Hop artist, I play four instruments. I am a musician. I usually rap while sitting at a piano which is unique. Also my ties with the military and government from the Joint Chiefs of staffs board and all the way to the white house sets me apart. They have made me the face of music for the US Military men, women and their civilian families all of over the world, which consists of millions of people to market to. They have never did this for a new artist and I am also the first Hip Hop artist that the Pentagon has endorsed. What is your opinion of the current state of the music industry?

B. Taylor Well I think artists are doing their thing. But I think that the labels should do more in terms of developing an artist fully just like Motown did. The major labels should groom artists for longevity. It's about teaching artists about music theory and the business of music (publishing, marketing etc). That is what the Motown legends have taught me and it was a whole training course that I believe younger artists should have. This will make them have longevity and a bigger impact on the music industry. What is your favorite part of your live show? How has it evolved?

B. Taylor My favorite part is when I play the piano and rap from the keys. It has evolved in that I am more confident on stage. My stage performances are filled with a lot of energy. My mission is to completely entertain the audience. What is your website? How can people reach you?

B. Taylor Yes indeed, my website is Everything is there in terms of my promo links, music and contact information. Any final words for the people.

B. Taylor Yes, first thanks to All Hip Hop for this great opportunity. Also I would like to remind the people to stay focused and stay positive no matter what you are dealing with. If you do that then you will come out on top. And I live by the words " Honor, Courage and Commitment." Thanks to all of my fans around the world.