Breeding Ground Spotlight: Ekko AKA Young Ancient

Ekko AKA Young Ancient is a gifted rapper currently residing in Reading, PA. Ekko has officially become known as the "Showcase Killer." He has performed in 4 major music industry showcases over the last 6 months and he has won all four them including the illustrious A&R Power Summit Showcase. His showcase wins have resulted into Ekko receiving meetings with some of the top music executives in the game. In addition he has been featured in XXL Magazine (Tupac Tribute Issue) and he did a live freestyle on Shade 45 Sirius/XM radio that folks are still raving about. Equally important Ekko was nominated for a UMA award and was profiled in the Indie Hype Section on The What is it about you that makes you a cutting edge artist?

Ekko: What makes me cutting edge is my ability to remain unconventional yet consistently relevant no matter what the current state of Hip Hop is. Originality and exclusiveness with a new type of sound equals ''cutting edge'' in my book. One thing for sure is that I am capable of bringing a new sound and voice to Hip-hop. Hip-Hop used to be about skill and craft but for some reason simple gimmicks are over powering raw talent now-a-days. When did you first discover Hip-Hop and what does it mean to you?

Ekko: I first discovered Hip hop when I was 6 yrs old. I was listening to one of Onyx's greatest hits ''Slam.'' The block that I was raised on in Brooklyn NY would go nuts every time it came on. Now Hip Hop is a part of life for me. During the Biggie and 2pac wave is when Hip Hop really became an everyday matter to me. Asking me what Hip Hop means to me now is like asking what my past means to me. I might have left some things behind but one thing that always stuck with me along the way is my love for Hip Hop. Which artists have inspired you?

Ekko: Big Punisher and Jay-z are two of the most inspirational artists I’ve had the pleasure of studying. Other than them I get inspired by any artist who dares to challenge the normal confines of Hip Hop. When an artist breaks boundaries and goes above and beyond his/her limits, it really motivates me. What Project are you currently pushing?

Ekko: I own my own indie label called Ancient Muzik, and I am currently set to release my 4th project entitled ''EDII'' (The Ekkodemik 2). This project will feature my signature raw and untamed style. It will also contain features and collaborations with Wiz Khalifa , Mista FAB and production by the Bakaboyz and So so Def's Own Mike Kalombo plus many more. Who does your production?

Ekko: My production is handled by Cras Bangaz, Franchise, Hazardis soundz, The Cowboys, Mike Kalombo (of So So Def), BakaBoyz, Pook Blaq, By-Nee’Che Fattah, and Jay Nari just to name a few.. What is your website? How can people get in contact with you?

Ekko: The best ways to connect with me would be via Facebook: Ekko Ekkodemik, EkkstreamTeam, Twitter: @Youngancient and the Youtube Channel is EKKO1.

Follow me on Twitter and I WILL follow you back. final words?

Ekko: Yes, among my many notable accomplishments, I have performed at 4 major Industry Showcases over the last 6 months, and I won all 4 in a row; that’s an all time record! Thanks to the many promoters, Media, Judges and fans that supported me and made that win streak possible, Eric Beasley-Asylum/WEA, Riggs Morales-Shady/Interscope, Success-A&R of Atlantic Records, Dipstick Magazine, Jesse Atkinson/Urban Threshold, Kevin, Geter K-VP of Maybach Music Group, XXL Magazine (Tupac Issue),, Shade45, and many others…Stay Ancient!