Breeding Ground Spotlight: Good Life Music Group: Trudo & Frontstreet

The Good Life Music group is a rising label. With top talent like Trudo and Frontstreet The label is making moves with names like Wiz Khalifa Ludacris, Bow Wow, Yo Gotti, Lil Twist and many more. Find out more about their artists. Introduce yourself .

Trudo: My name is Trudo and I was born and raised in Memphis. I migrated to Atlanta a few years back and now I represent Good Life Music Group to the fullest. I recently broke into the rap industry about a year ago and I am now here to stay. I am going full speed ahead, like the title of my mixtape, “All Gas, No Brakes”. As a new artist on an indie label, how does it feel to have a #2 slot on the Billboard R&B Hot singles chart bumping artists like Tamar Braxton?

Trudo: It is a blessing to have my name next to the Braxton’s at such an early stage of my career…It is humbling. I am glad to be there, but I am trying to stay there. I am just going to continue working and striving for the best. Migrating from Memphis to Atlanta, which do you feel had a greater influence on your music?

Trudo: Both cities are influential in my sound and delivery. I would say it is more 50/50. My lyrics and thoughts are from Memphis and the way I deliver the message is all Atlanta. How did you come to Good Life?

Trudo: I have known the CEO of Good Life Music Group for several years. When I decided I wanted to pursue a rap career professionally, I knew signing with Good Life Music Group was a no brainer. I wanted to be a part of a strong movement. We all have the same goals and drive, therefore it was only right that I join the team. Tell me About “All Gas, No Brakes”

Trudo: “All Gas, No Brakes” will be my debut mixtape. It is going to tell you everything about me, my hustle, my drive and my determination to make it in the industry. It is all me with my foot on the gas pedal. How did you team up with Frontstreet?

Trudo: Frontstreet and I teamed up through a mutual friend and ever since, we have been rockin! The chemistry that we have when we are in the studio is crazy and it carries over into our everyday life. He is more than a label-mate, he is my brother! When you were working with D4L, was it intentional that you set out to create a new style of music with “snap” or was it a phenomenon that just popped?

Frontstreet: It just popped, because I do not recall us sitting down and saying this is next. It had something to do with the young producer that we were working with at the time as well…DJ Poo. He brought a different sound and the “snap” music is what came out of the sessions. What is it about you and Trudo that make great musical chemistry?

Frontstreet: We are brothers first. Our chemistry in the lab has been crazy since day one…when we start working and get in a zone, ideas, concepts and stories start developing. We are always pushing each other to perfection. How did the Wiz Khalifa, Rocky Fontaine collaboration come about?

Frontstreet: We were on the Dub Car Show tour with Wiz Khalifa, Ludacris, Bow Wow, Yo Gotti, Lil Twist and many more. I ran across one of Wiz’s friends, Fontaine and Koshe Kicks… we were just kicking it in the studio one night and that song came about. What’s next for you with Good Life? (Both)

Frontstreet: Our next step is our tour, “Welcome to Good Life”. Then my mixtape, “Undefeated” will drop later this year. I am also working on a couple of Good Life Film projects. My future is looking very bright and for me, I am very humbled and blessed.