Breeding Ground Spotlight: Jimme Wallstreet Never Sleeps

By: Jocelyn Chavis (@JoceBrownSugar)

Philly is known for a lot of things, and producing talent is one of them. There are countless hip-hop acts that hail from the “City of Brotherly Love” from the sounds of The Roots to the gritty rhymes of Beanie Siegel. Now with Meek Mill in the limelight Philly is once again on the rap radar. Next up is Cannon Music Group’s Jimme Wallstreet.

No stranger to the music game, Wallstreet broke bread with the best of them. Connecting with DJAce McClowd in preparation for his upcoming release Elevator Music featuringDJ Khaled, Jadakiss, T-Pain, and Peedi Crakk, to name a few. Wallstreet may be what the game has been missing.

msiprauj It's 2013, and word on the street is you got next. Tell me what’s going on?

Wallstreet: If this was real estate, we built the fence so now we working on the house. Shout out to Cannon Music Group, Ace McClowd, the whole city of Philadelphia for supporting this project Elevator Music. I got another project called Twin Towers with Big Ooh from Trenton, New Jersey. You say you’re building a house, what’s your foundation? How long have you been doing this?

WallStreet: I've been doing this for a minute. I did two years( I say two years like it’s a jail sentence.)But, I did two years in New York with G Unit. I came back to Philly back to my roots, eventually linked up with Ace McClowd, we ventured down Atlanta hooked up with Cannons Music Group. See sometimes, when you get off your pivot you have to go back to the basics, create restructure what has been broken. The foundation would have to be the music. It wasn't no buzz, no budget, it was the hope, and the belief in the music is wide enough for the population so that’s just where we at. All eyes are on Philly right now, due to the success of Meek Mill does that add pressure?

WallStreet: I just did a hook for Meek the other day, he said it was one of the best hooks he ever did. Me and Jordanne from Dream Chasers. Philly got next and I got something to do with that. What's the concept of Elevator Music and who's featured on it?

Wallstreet: It’s a breath of fresh air. These are everybody who we work with favorites. This is like an offspring of what we can bring to the people. I got E. Ness on there, Peedi Crakk, a joint with Big Krit on there, a joint with Jadakiss, DJ Khaled of course.  You are co-signed by a lot of heavy hitters, from 50 Cent, Don Cannons, and DJ Khaled, how did that come to fruition?

WallStreet: I gather all this information from life, I’m a student of the world first. You gotta understand where I come from.I’m a luck guy! No, I was prepared when I had the opportunity to do so. Like Ace (McClowd) told me you if you already ready you ain’t gotta get ready. So when they was getting ready, we was ready. That’s how we got here. Work. Just Working. You’re featured heavily on E. Ness’ Last House on the Left Album, along with Hollowman, Oschino, Peedi Crakk and other artists. How did that relationship start?

WallStreet: Me and Ness started when he was in NY with Puff and I was in NY with G Unit. We aew both up there from Philly so we connected. Those situation spewed into us both coming back to Philadelphia. I had stopped music for a minute, because the friction of the wear and tear of the business. If it wasn't for Ness I wouldn't even be getting back in the music. Last House on the Left is countless sessions we been in. What is the Jimme WallStreet sound?

WallStreet: I’m bringing back the essence of hip-hop. It’s real soulful, it's real personal; the texture is good, the music is good, production is stellar. It's soulful, its music, it’s the right thing! Its like music in a degree like standard grade A hip-hop. I got something the game is missing. Hip Hop started on the East Coast. If it was Monopoly it would be Boardwalk or Park Place. I got the best producers, the best features. I got a joint with T-Pain, a joint with DJ Khaled called Big Dawg Music. I got a joint with Jadakiss. Speaking of Jadakiss anybody ever tell you, you sound like him?

WallStreet: Yeah I get that a lot, but Kiss gave me the co-sign so I’m cool. That’s my O.G. we sat down a few times we built our relationship so everything is good with me and Kiss. The sky ain’t the limit no more. They walking on the moon.You know that right?

Check out the new video from the upcoming release off Elevator Music "Walk On"

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