Breeding Ground Spotlight: King Sage

AllHipHop Staff

Internationally known New York based Pakistani Rapper King Sage hits hard with his new mixtape "Total Recall" hosted by superstar DJ Khaled. The award winning emcee is breaking new ground and he's been featured in XXL,, VladTV, Shade 45 and more. He reps hard for Muslims and Hip Hop fans around the world. We recently sat down to him to discuss his latest project and endeavors. What's Good King Sage. Firstly, give us some background info as to who you are.

King Sage: My Name Is King Sage. I'm a Hip Hop artist BORN AND RAISED in Hollis Queens, New York. I'm of Pakistani descent. Being the first Pakistani rapper to take it this far, I plan to stand up for my people and other minorities who are being downtrodden in today's political and social realm. I plan to use Hip Hop as the medium to change that condition in my country, and then the world. My music has been featured on Shade 45,, and more. You've may have read about me in XXL magazine and Hip Hop Weekly. My current project "Total Recall" is hosted by the one and only DJ Khaled. What is the significance of your name?

King Sage: My Last Name in Arabic Means "King" and a wise leader is a "Sage." Together they symbolize "Power" and "Wisdom," which are the two things needed to bring true change with in one's self and to the world. Who would you say is your target market?

King Sage: On the real, my target market includes all those neglected by society. I want to influence all those who feel the need for a change. Also my music is for true Hip Hop aficionados. Hip Hop is life, power and expression. Hip Hop transcends race, class and cultures. It's the voice for those who have been marginalized. But don't get me wrong, my music is not all conscious. I make party songs, street songs etc. What is your USP? (Unique Selling Proposition) and what sets you apart from other Hip Hop artists?

King Sage: What sets me apart is that I focus more on the art form of Hip Hop. I hold true to the classic story telling aspects of Hip Hop. In my music I portray the victim, the protagonist, the oppressor and the oppressed. I will always represent the condition of the world in my music...not just the current trend. What single or project are you currently pushing?

King Sage: I'm currently pushing the single "I Still Believe" from my latest project called "Total Recall" which as I mentioned is hosted by DJ Khaled. The street album is bananas. It has features by Fred The Godson, Quintessence and more. I even have a song on there featuring DJ Khaled called "Making That Movie." Also I have a very controversial song called the American Dream featuring vocals by Bill O'Reilly whereby I confront him on his biased views towards Muslims. What is the philosophy you live by?

King Sage: I live by the Truth. In the End all that matters is the "Truth." I Live, Breathe And Die For it" If you have a message to deliver, then deliver it with all your Vigor. Which artists have inspired you?

King Sage: I have been inspired by many artists including 2Pac, Sade, Guns & Roses, Bill Withers, Pearl Jam, The Doors and Depeche Mode... to name a few. All those artist have inspired me to do what I do. Who does your production?

King Sage: I use different producers on my projects. Some of the great producers I've worked with include: TrackFourMerz, Gabe-Real, KidFlash, Mike Maserati Myers and DarkNyte. What is your opinion of the current state of the music industry?

King Sage: The one word that comes to mind about the current music industry is "Fearful." People are sacrificing their moral integrity and selling their lyrics and talents short for the sake of money. Little do they know that if they kept it real it would take them a lot further and they would be better off. Realness sometimes results into longevity. Any final words for the people.

King Sage: Yes. Thanks to Also when you look back to search my earlier interviews and read this, let it be a testament to those who doubted me that I would never progress. My mission was, is and always will be for the people and for the "Truth." Check out my website One Love and Respect to everyone.