Breeding Ground Spotlight: LC

Family oriented from Youth to Adult life – Rapper LC was introduced to music by his Mother as a means to stay out of trouble. He in turn has kept it positive and continues to make his Mother proud. Conducting business affairs with his Uncle near his side with another Family member continuously setting the bar and mentoring him to do right, the New York artist is selfishly doing what not many indie artists do – give back. His WellCheck Campaign is growing daily, LC is the future.VideoDont Trip - LC - feat. Donell Jones from Monstar Films on Vimeo. I understand you are a part of a campaign making awareness to the community.LC: Yeah, I am the face of this site called Well Check, a clinic for Flu shots, H1N1 shot for kids and adults. It’s people out here dying and we’re trying to make awareness for these clinics and get these shots. You can go to their site and see me there That’s rather noble of you, very rare for an indie artist. How did you get into the music world?LC: When I was mid-teen age, my Mother provided me an outlet to let my anger out. She brought me a Casio key-board. I was having a bad day and she told me to play music to rid of my problems. I started writing music out for like therapy and it was helpful. Also growing up, my Dad and Sister would put on Heavy-D and Slick Rick tracks. Got me into music and wanting to be a part of it. Listening to KRS-One, Big L, Nas, Jay Z, TuPac, Rakeem, people like that did wonders for me. You taught yourself to play?LC: Yeah, the Casio keyboards came with books, Michael Jackson music, “Beat It”, “Thriller” and all; I would play those tunes and make my own music with the keyboard. Where are you from originally, LC?LC: Bronx, New York. Born and raised is where I reside Tell me about your first single?LC: The first single is called “Don’t Trip” it’s a song about dudes who be tripping because I’m in VIP and the ladies are on me and its my way of saying “Don’t Trip”, there are plenty of women in the club for them to holla at, don’t worry about what we have going on over here, popping champagne and stuff, don’t trip! Who has assisted you thus far to getting to where you are? LC: I had a great mentor, an older Cousin of mine, A.L.M. He mentored me and shaped me, taught me how to compose a record and make sense of a record and organizing it, making sure you have a hook and everything and putting it all together. He made beats around the neighborhood and people know him around the way. He’s like what an A&R does. My manager also has given me great guidance, I’ve known him since I was a kid, and he’s actually my How do you making yourself stand out on the NY Music scene?LC: What I do basically is, I don’t use profanity, I don’t use the N-Word and I don’t call females the female dog name. All of that rapping about drugs and violence, I don’t none of that. I don’t know who does it, that’s for them, not me. If you want to sale drugs, that’s cool but its not who I am. I make a lot of feel good music, my music is like reality. I make a lot of music that caters to the ladies. Collaborations and projects – what can we expect from LC?LC: My first album is entitled, “Hold That”, because that’s exactly what I want you to do – Hold That. I collaborated with Donnell Jones on a track called, “Don’t Trip,” which is my first single off of the album. Its doing pretty good right now, #5 on the Billboards right now. I couldn’t ask for anything better, too be honest. Its doing well. I feel really good about it.I had a release party in New York a September, a lot of media was in the building. Had a great turn out. I’m feeling real good right now, real Hitting the road anytime soon?LC: Yes, that’s definitely what’s next for me is shows. We are in tour talk right now to hit the road in November. I did a few shows in Brooklyn and got another one coming up soon in Brooklyn. We’re releasing the video for “Don’t Trip” and it should be all over the place very soon. I’m really excited about that, getting it out there and having people look at my Who are some artists you’re looking to collaborate with in the future?LC: Jazmine Sullivan – she's mad dope! I would love to do a track with Eve, she is dope too. Raheem Devaughn, I think he is dope. Fabolous, Rick Ross, TI, Ludacris, and Jahiem. Those are some of the people I want to work Where can the fans find you?LC: Visit for music and up and coming show info. My video will be up there soon. The name of the first album is “Hold That” and the first single is “Don’t Trip”, it’s on i-tunes and all digital outlets