Breeding Ground Spotlight: LDJ

Born in White Plains, New

York, HipHop artist LDJ has made an impressive following for himself

thus far. Growing up in Nanuet, New York he has done everything possible

to make his career in rap a successful one. Working with talented and

noted artists such as Redman, KRS-One, Jim Jones, Black Rob – to name a

few – LDJ has the makings and ingredients every indie artists wishes

they had – being co-signed. Mixtape, after mixtape with heavy

features, as well as work on others projects, the versatile artist is

ready for the world to know him – take a second and get to learn that is

of, LDJ…

LDJ feat. Jim Jones & ReddBone - Da Official Baseline Video from DEATH HOUSE on Vimeo. Musically speaking, what have you accomplished thus far?

LDJ: I’ve released 10 street albums

– The Ready to Rock Mixtape, Undisputed, Who is LDJ?, It’s My Turn (hosted by DJ Envy), Dow Jones, F*ck themedia, Jonesin the

mixtape, Mr. Official, Dopeman and New Yack City. My debut album,

“Jonesin” is featuring KRS-One, Pete Rock, Redman with my lead single,

“Get Ya Gun” is available on iunes right now for download. The new

single, “Da Baseline” features Jim Jones”. Generating your fan-base and

getting your buzz out there – what are some of the things you’ve done to

make certain that people know LDJ?

LDJ: I do a lot of shows and get

featured on Vlad TV, Hip Hop Weekly. I help a lot of other artists put

out mixtapes and been featured on DVDS and shows also. I worked with

Wyclef and KRS One, Pete Rock, Black Rob, Jim Jones, Cam'ron, G Dep –

I’ve worked with a lot of signed artists over the course of my career. Who are some other people you are working with?

LDJ: Right now I’m working with

LES. Just finished working with Pete Rock on his last album. I’m also

working with Redman on his new album. There’s also KRS One’s last album.

For the most part I’ve been doing a lot of in-house production from Ed

who has done for 50 Cent, Mary J Blidge, Wyclef, Alicia Keys. I got AG

from Showbiz and AG, Raquel Reid, Julexa, Jovonn and Jermaine Paul. What does LDJ stand for?

LDJ: Its my initials. My name is

Landell Jones and I was always known as LD, once I started rapping I

added the J – just went from there. Where are you from?

LDJ: Born in New York but raised in Nanuet and been living back in New York for the past 10 years. How is your fan base in New York? Has it been difficult to build?

Not really. There aren’t very

many rappers from here so I’m like the City’s golden child right now.

When I do shows I have at least 20 people travel outside of the area to

come see me on stage. The only other rapper that is from my City is

Saigon and n*ggas don’t really f*ck with him anymore. It’s like he moved

to the big city and forgot where he was from and turned his back on us.

He doesn’t claim our City so its now My City. Who are people within the music business that have influenced you?

I’m influenced by some of the

greats – Method Man and Redman of course. Just the guys who paved a way

for the next generation in this hiphop game. I respect them all and hope

to get on their level one day. Your label – tell me more about it. Do you have other artists signed to it yet?

LDJ: My record label is. Dollar J

Records, was created by me and right now I’m focusing on my project and

soon hope to bring other artists aboard to start a movement with my

label. Under what category would you say your music genre is?

LDJ: Genre wise, it is definitely

hip-hop. Some of my songs include singing which is not all that I’m

trying to do but it’s an added bonus. I work with other R & B

singers also though, such as Janee McCall who is Alicia Keys back-up

singer and Kell Reed who has worked with Lady Gaga. I just like good

music. I don’t like to be put into one box as far as genre. What are your future projects?

LDJ: Right now my song and video

with Jim Jones has been getting a lot of love on the internet, “Da

Baseline”. It’s been getting spins on Hot 97 and 105.1 – it’s the first

single off of my album. When Redman, Pete Rock and KRS-One’s projects

drop, you’ll hear me on there also. It don’t stop. I’m grinding.

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