Breeding Ground Spotlight: Neff

Originally from New Jersey , rapper Neff is ready to take the industry by storm. With a new record featuring The Game, Tyga,Fred The Godson, Prodigy,Tony Yayo and premieres his music with the likes of DJ Kay Slay, Neff has been making his mark in some recognizable places with some big names. He recently opened up for Cory Gunz in the famed SOB's nightclub in NYC, so this is evidence Neff is making the right moves to ride the road to success.

Check out Neff's New mixtape "The Storm"

Neff_The_Storm-front-large How long you been rapping?

Neff: I been rapping since 9 or 8 but I didn't take it professional until 16. Was there anything that inspired you to become a rapper?

Neff: My dad was always rapping , that just made me wanna rap. It just kind of grew on me. I just wanted to take it to the next level. What is it like having a dad in the industry that raps?

Neff: It's kind of cool. Its not really a regular father and son relationship. That's my boy. We do songs together which is kind of cool. Let talk about the new record "The Storm" featuring Prodigy, how was it like working with Prodigy?

Neff: It was crazy cause that was always my favorite rapper growing up. I use to get kicked out of school for singing Prodigy lyrics. It was cool doing a song with him. First I did a freestyle over the beat , than we thought it would be crazy to get him on there. So that's what we did. I went to the studio with him to record the second verse on there with Prodigy. Crazy feeling to a do a song with somebody you grew up listening to. You have another record with Game and Tyga called "Take a Pic" How did the record come about?

Neff: We got a verse from Tyga. Than I did a verse , Than we thought it be crazy to The Game on there. Your mixtape The Storm, Tell me more about it?

Neff: It has some features on there like Tyga Game, Prodigy. Freddy Godson, Cory Gunz, Its 19 songs there. Why is titled "The Sstorm?"

Neff: I want to take the game by storm . What do you want people to get from this mixtape?

Neff: I want them to see that I'm the next young dude to bat. I want to take the game by storm. that's why I called it the storm. In the next 5 years where do you see yourself?

Neff: I would like to take the Jay-Z route. I want to be the to guy in the industry in the next 5 years. So Jay-Z has inspired you what other artist have inspired you?

Neff: Jay-Z, Nas, Wayne. That's about it.