Money Bounce Entertainment artist, Terrick Williams, has been making moves since picking up the mic in November of 2005. Opening up for major record artists such as Yo Gotti, Nikki Minaj and Gucci Mane, T-Will, has mastered his skills and talent on the level to one of an artist with a major recording deal.

Producing and writing his own material while working in house with others on the label, the St. Louis rapped just dropped his first mix-tape and is currently working on ways to become a house hold name. Just wrapping up his first video shoot for his first single “Moolah”, T-Will took time out to sit with AllHipHop to set the record straight and let everyone know that he has his own style and sound; he is not to be compared to anyone except him! So tell me about yourself, where are you from exactly?

T-Will: Ohh, I'm from St. Louis. Born and raised in St. Louis. Coming up, living in St. Louis, who influenced you musically?

T-Will: People that influenced me were people like Run DMC, Kanye West. You know, I look up to a lot of those people. Who would you say your sound is influenced by? Who do you sound like?

T-Will: I mean, I have my own style. I don't think I sound like anyone but myself. I don't sound like nobody else. So you know, I feel like I am original. I am defiantly placed in a hip-hop category. How long have you been rapping?

T-Will: I've been rapping for three years and I've covered a lot of ground in the three years I've been rapping. I've done a lot of stuff and opened up for a lot of people such as Gucci Mane, Jada Kiss, Young LA, Soulja Boy, Spice 1, Twista, Mike Jones; a lot of people. You recently dropped a mix-tape, what is the name of your current single you're pushing?

T-Will: I just dropped my mix-tape on December 6th called, "Follow the Arch". The mix-tape party was a success; a lot of people came out for it to show love. The mix-tape can be found online for people to download. It's not in stores or anything. The first single is "Moolah"; it's featuring Shorty and La-Li. You recently shot your first video for “Moolah”, tell me about that. Who directed it?

T-Will: My video to my single “Moolah” was shot at The Venue night club in downtown St. Louis. The project was done by John at Focus Film where he brought all lights, camera, action and tour bus on the site. It was a long day of shooting, took 16 hours of hard work but was worth it, I received a lot of love and support from our local residents of St. Louis. What are your plans for dropping an album? Will we see one in 2010?

T-Will: Not really working on an album right now, I want to do a few more mix-tapes before I work on the album. So you have a plan mapped out as far as what you're trying to do?

T-Will: Yes, I have a plan all mapped out. I’m working with artists that are on the label. I'm working with my in-house producer on some stuff, out of St. Louis. I'm not willing to work with anyone else - not just yet. I'm trying to build my name up. Are you hitting the road anytime soon? Plans to hit other markets and get them familiar with you?

T-Will: Yes. I do plan on doing that. Like I said, I have a lot of plans I'm trying to do. We're going to do shows in Atlanta and New York and LA. They show me a lot of love out there. How did you promote your mix-tape? What avenues did you use?

T-Will: I used a street team, radio advertisement, Digiwaxx. We have a lot of people helping out. Digiwaxx has been very helpful to me. 2010 coming up. What are some of your goals for the year as far as your project?

T-Will: I just want to make sure I touch a lot of people that I haven't touched yet. Make them feel my music. I want to share it with them. Any closing remarks and/or anything you would like people to know about you?

T-Will: Nothing personal but we've been grinding for a minute and we'll see what the deal is. I mean, I'm good! I'm good! Like, I just want people to know that I'm different from a lot of rappers. I hate to be compared to other rappers. For real! Thank you for you time!

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